Global Candidates PR & Employee Branding

Global candidates PR – What is it all about?

Hiring abroad is a complicated mission for us outsiders…

An Israeli company taking its first steps growing overseas might struggle in recruiting candidates who are less intrigued to join, since they’ve never heard about it before.

Coming up with the right talents PR strategy and employer branding, as well as an active focus on enhancing the presence in the local target market will spread the buzz, give a better chance in the competition against local companies and assist in attracting the interest of potential local candidates.

Here are some basic steps of global candidates PR you can start with, even without having a dedicated Marketing person:

  1. What’s your EVP – a well defined Employee Value Proposition will serve all of your recruitment marketing activities. To create one, try answering questions like: What’s unique about us in comparison to the local competitors? What’s our story / DNA / values? What’s in it for the candidate? get the team involved and think together.
  1. Career page – make sure you have an inviting career page on your website, that is both SEO optimized and mobile responsive. Check that the EVP is reflected in the job descriptions you publish. If you have special perks that would be appreciated in the local market, don't be shy to mention them, for example: unlimited vacation policy, optional remote work or sponsored medical insurance, can attract some great US talents to your pipeline. Another case is R&D positions: if you use one of the most wanted technologies globally like Python, JS, Go (based on 2017 Stack Overflow survey), make sure it’s clearly mentioned.
  2. Team page – your team is your most valuable resource and it’s essential to present them to the world (gold sticks to gold…), as well as to provide an inside, authentic view of the company’s talents and everyday life. You might want to use visuals like a funny GIF / Meme, homemade team video, pics, testimonies, a quiz or interesting facts about your team. For example: Diversity is highly appreciated in the USA, so if you have an equal (or similar) number of women and men, feel free to show that. Again, having the EVP reflected on the team page or any of the following activities, would attract the most fitting candidates.
  3. Socialize – a smashing Stack Overflow company page or a packed GitHub page can really make an impact on talents (especially in R&D). Creating a Glassdoor page full of 5 stars feedbacks by employees or candidates is a great way to get global exposure. In order to increase chances for good reviews, you might want to follow up with former employees or candidates who finished the process, make sure they had an overall good experience, hear their feedback and improve for next time. Also, investing in “The Muse” page can get candidates interested and give an inside look to your company and team. Yes, it might be pricey… so just start with the basics and the free options: company’s Linkedin and Facebook pages with professional articles and posts, a blog on your website, post the relevant vacancies on Angellist or any free local job board to get noticed.
  4. Community – make “sharing is caring” your way-of-life by getting your team involved in the local community. Ask key employees to write an informative professional blog and spread it on-line with relevant groups, share knowledge with the local community by taking part in a popular podcast, participate in local meetups and conventions. Present, sponsor or just mingle… you don’t know who you’ll be running into. If you’ll target the right group, you’re likely to get relevant candidates under your hand (examples: or Connections can be a powerful way to get the some of the best talents out there, without paying any extra fees.

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Lital Ben-Porat, Head of Global Recruitment @ AddedValue

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