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Aidey is a professional provider of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services from the Philippines with its management based in Tel Aviv. Aidey serve many high-profile customers from Israel and worldwide, and focused on companies that will benefit from outsourcing operations processes such as: Customer Success, Customer Service, Answering Service, Back Office and Outbound Services. In Outsourcing such activities, Aidey is easing operational pressure from companies and enable them to scale up quickly and effectively. If currently these activities are done in-house in your company, the operational improvement and overhead savings will be significant.

In using Aidey’s services, companies are expected to achieve better scalability & flexibility for their Customer Service / Sales / Back Office activities as well as significant reduction in cost. Moreover, by offering customers superior 24/7 support, companies are expected to see an increase in customers retention and overall satisfaction.

Some of the key advantages of Aidey against international competitors:

1. Tel-Aviv based management- So potential clients will enjoy easier communication and will be doing business with a domastic entity.
2. Deep understanding of start-up requirements and vast experience in operations management.

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